Ameniti – FAQ

What is Ameniti?

Ameniti is transforming the conversation between hotels and their guests. We offer three unique modules to meet your hotel’s needs: best-in- class operations management tools, guest-facing digital tools, and a personal assistant that automatically transfers guest inquiries to your hotel’s operations management system.

Our services improve communication and efficiency with the power of AI, creating value for both hotel and guest. For example, a guest can view her folio in real time using Facebook throughout her stay, minimizing mistakes and potential friction at the front office. She can also request towels by sending a message from her phone, and our system will automatically create a ticket without any staff labor required.

Ameniti is sophisticated, yet easy to use, and it’s helping hotels worldwide streamline their operations, improve guest satisfaction, and maximize revenue.

With the vast number of hotel services on the market today, what sets Ameniti apart?

Selecting the right operations tools and guest-facing digital services has become increasingly complicated for hotels. Many hotels utilize a variety of services, each one from a different provider and responsible for a different element of hotel operations. Ameniti is a modular service that allows hotels to integrate a variety of options. We are prepared to grow with your hotel as its needs grow, so if you choose to start with one module, you will have the opportunity to integrate other modules at any time.

What devices can Ameniti be used with? Does the hotel (or do its guests) need to download any new apps or software to use Ameniti?

Ameniti doesn’t require guests or hotels to download any apps or install any software. Staff operations tools can be used right in the browser of staff computers.

How can I ensure that Ameniti’s services meet my hotel’s specific needs?

Every hotel is different, and we know that your hotel may not require every service we offer. Which is why our offerings are customizable based on your hotel’s specific needs. You can mix and match any of our modules, and our team will work with you in choosing a plan that fits the unique needs of your staff and guests. With Ameniti, you will also have the option to upgrade or downgrade the number of modules you use on a monthly basis, ensuring maximum flexibility for your hotel.

Is guest information kept private?

At Ameniti, we are committed to protecting guests’ privacy. We have the highest standards when it comes to security and strictly adhere to the latest European Regulation on the Protection of Personal Data– the most stringent in the world when it comes to protecting personal data.

What systems does Ameniti integrate with?

At Ameniti, we are committed to protecting guests’ privacy. We have the highest standards when it comes to security and strictly adhere to the latest European Regulation on the Protection of Personal Data– the most stringent in the world when it comes to protecting personal data.

What is the implementation process like?

select the basic amenities and services available at your hotel. Ten minutes later, the set-up is complete.

For the Digital Chat module, our team begins by gathering key information about your hotel. We then use that information to customize the AmenitiBot and can complete the remote setup in about 30 minutes. Because Ameniti doesn’t require the installation of any new software or devices, you can start using it immediately. Our staff will guide you through each step of the process and will remain available to answer any questions as you continue to use Ameniti.

How much does Ameniti cost?

Our plans are customizable, so cost will depend on which modules you choose to implement in your hotel. Email to request an estimate.

How can Ameniti help my hotel increase revenue and guest satisfaction?

By streamlining your hotel’s most basic tasks and inquiries, Ameniti allows your staff to focus on the things that matter, leading to greater efficiency and improved customer service. And improved customer service leads to improved guest satisfaction and positive reviews.

Ameniti can also help your hotel increase revenue through tailored hotel information and promotions. Our digital info and mobile check-in/check- out services make it easy for guests to request upgrades and other offers, maximizing revenue opportunity.

Customization provides endless options for increasing hotel revenue and guest satisfaction. For example, if a hotel’s in-room dining menu has 100 items, the hotel can choose its five best dishes, and the bot will be programmed to recommend these dishes to guests. These items could be the most simple to prepare for busy kitchens, the tastiest chef specialties, or the ones with the highest profit margins. This customization simplifies the guest experience, as well as creates opportunities for the hotel to promote its top options and services.

How does Ameniti improve guests’ experiences?

We like to think of Ameniti as a 24/7 personal assistant for guests, providing them with a simple way to access your hotel’s information and services whether they are in their rooms or out and about. Busy guests also love Ameniti’s mobile check-in and check-out services, which minimize time spent at the front desk and maximize time spent enjoying their stay. The Ameniti experience is user-friendly and intuitive. Once guests begin using Ameniti, they can use it in all of their future stays in participating hotels.

How can Ameniti help hotel staff?

Ameniti will help your hotel’s staff by reducing the time spent attending to basic inquiries and requests. Ameniti’s intuitive ticketing system includes automatic ticketing, which creates tickets based on digital guest communications with no action from staff required. Our preventative maintenance tool provides an easy method for inspecting and tracking rooms. Plus, all of our operations services include comprehensive statistics, so your hotel can analyze its performance and identify areas for improvement.

Online check-in and check-out also save time for staff, eliminating excessive paperwork and long lines at the front desk. Guests’ ability to see folios in real time allows for early and effective resolution of mistakes, preventing friction between staff and guests. With Ameniti, staff members also have the ability to send push notifications to individual guests and groups, leading to more effective and efficient communication.

Will my staff have to answer messages from guests?

Our AmenitiBot is the first line of communication for guests, and is able to answer most inquiries using the power of artificial intelligence. Your staff won’t be bothered with questions like “How late is the fitness center open?” or “Can someone bring me another set of towels?” The AmenitiBot has the answers to all of these questions and more, as well as the ability to automatically create tickets based on guest requests.

How can I get started?

We would love to help you get started! To schedule a meeting or demo, please email