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Case Study: Reducing Calls, Costs and Workload

We don’t have to tell you that high call volume means huge costs, stress, and the perception that service is lacking. 

We want to share the very typical case of one client that uses Ameniti IVR to answer hundreds of calls per day. This client has two existing external call centers (reservations and internal calls, with limited agents per contract) and no in-house PBX staff. Here’s how Ameniti’s turnkey option cuts calls and enhances service.

How IVR Works: Self Service First 

Ameniti’s Interactive Voice Response (IVR) utilizes self-service first, allowing callers to “talk” to an automated answering service. This answering service has answers to the majority of common questions about the hotel and its services. IVR handles unlimited simultaneous calls. No callers are made to wait on hold during this initial stage, and in many cases, questions are answered without ever speaking with a staff member.

How IVR Works: A Transfer if Necessary

The second phase of Ameniti IVR is the transfer phase, for those needing additional assistance. Callers who need to speak to a real person are identified and transferred, either to the right department or to an outsourced call center. This seamless, automatic transfer saves time for all parties, and ensures a connection with someone who can assist as soon as possible. 

IVR in Action

Before Ameniti, September 2019

The client in question is a relevant, 700-room hotel in Manhattan that prides itself on delivering high value to its guests. Before implementing Ameniti IVR, the hotel was flooded with calls - nearly 15,000 monthly. Outsourcing this many calls represented a huge cost, and resulted in long wait times. It also created massive frustration for guests and potential guests who wanted direct, immediate answers. The hotel’s goal was to limit the number of calls answered, and improve the experience for guests.

With Ameniti, During the 2019 Thanksgiving Campaign

During the Thanksgiving holiday, the hotel launched a booking campaign that increased total calls by 40%. Ameniti handled over 3,000 calls over five days, addressing initial guest questions and reducing the number of calls forwarded to various hotel departments. This was a busy period for the hotel, and a reduction in workload made all the difference for guests, staff, and management.

IVR: A Turnkey Solution

  • The most immediate way to cut costs and enhance service at your hotel.

  • Allows you to maintain your infrastructure (PBX, outsourced call center for reservations and/or non generating revenue calls). We adapt to your needs - the only change will be a reduction in costs and workload.

Applied Solutions

  • In certain cases, the only solution for high call volume that comes with peak hours, conventions and events.

  • Address nights and off-peak periods without staff.

  • 24/7 Concierge.

Interested in Ameniti IVR? Send an email to contact@ameniti.com to get started.